The Three Wise Men are coming!! La dodicesima notte 4 kids and A Double Heart for His Single One on special offer from tomorrow on best online stores

The Three Wise Men are coming… carrying some Shakespeare!!!

Maybe it’s not gold, frankincense and myrrh, but it’s ok all the same, isn’t it?

And surely quite instructive, and, above all, that’s fun!

To celebrate the arrival of 2015 and the festivity which inspired the Bard for his comedy’s name, starting from tomorrow and to the end of January both my e-books, which I self-published via platform, and thanks to the precious help of amazing writer and especially pearless friend Rita Charbonnier and her editorial services agency Scrittura a tutto tondowill be on sale online at the very special price of € 0,99.

                        Cover by Valentina Marinacci

Available on your favorite e-book store or searching on listed below websites:

Arriva la Befana!! La dodicesima notte 4 kids e A Double Heart for His Single One da domani in offerta speciale nei migliori negozi online

La befana vien di notte… e vi porta un po’ di Shakespeare!!!

Magari non farà rima, ma sempre meglio del carbone, no?

E senz’altro di gran lunga più istruttivo, ma soprattutto, più divertente!

Per celebrare l’arrivo del nuovo anno e la festività che da proprio il titolo alla commedia del Bardo, a partire da domani e per tutto gennaio entrambe i miei e-book autopubblicati tramite la piattaforma, grazie al prezioso aiuto della bravissima scrittrice (e soprattutto amica senza pari) Rita Charbonnier e della sua agenzia di servizi editoriali Scrittura a tutto tondo, saranno in vendita al prezzo specialissimo di € 0,99.

cover12thNight                        Cover by Valentina Marinacci

Disponibili presso il vostro negozio e-book store online preferito, o cercando nei siti qui sotto elencati:

Much Ado About The Shakespeare Standard

unnamedOn June 22th, on the distinguished American website The Shakespeare Standard, the lovely Deborah Voorhees published a serious and passionate review of my book A Double Heart for His Single One. A Much Ado About Nothing Experience.  I am so glad for this review because, as who read the Foreword to this book already knows, this e-book originates from a series of posts I published in 2011 on the same website, thanks to the kind collaboration of Administrator Jeremy Fiebing and the patient editing of Copy Editor Lacy White. I will never stop thanking Jeremy and all The Shakespeare Standard staff for their disinterested and lovely support for any project I share with them.

From the review: 

For most, a story such as Maciocci’s would become nothing more than a chat among friends: “I bought the tickets; I loved show, or the show was mediocre, but still loved my trip…” but not for Maciocci. From this day forward she started blogging about her adventures in The Shakespeare Standard, and now she has compiled those musings in her book, A Double Heart for His Single One (newly released on Amazon).

What exactly is the book about? Many things. It chronicles her anticipation and preparation for what she calls her big MAAN date (Much Ado About Nothing) with an easy to understand analysis of the text (perfect for students and life-long learners who wish to understand the play), interviews with friends who were able to see the production first, and lastly her review of MAAN, which is now available on (captured live from the West End’s Wyndham’s Theatre).

Please click on  to read the complete review. 


Feeling like a busy Shakespearean bee lately… A Double Heart for His Single One. A Much Ado About nothing Experience e-book and my review about RSC Richard II available online now

Cover by Valentina MarinacciAfter some months of darkness in both private and public life, here I am again, humbly making my part in spreading Shakespeare’s words and sharing my own peculiar appreciaton for the Bard himself.

On the 2nd of June 2014, thanks to the precious help (and patience) of talented writer and peerless friend Rita Charbonnier and her (or should I say ours) Scrittura a tutto tondo project, I published through platform my e-book A Double Heart for His Single One.

From the e-book foreword:

This is a story about love (for Shakespeare of course, English Theatre, the UK, and yes, for Doctor Who too).

It is also a diary about a journey to London, and a literature essay (it includes a complete exegesis about Much Ado About Nothing! – for Dummies, maybe, but it actually does). 

But this is mainly a story about friendship.

When, in January 2011, I bought my ticket for that summers production of Much Ado About Nothing (starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate, directed by Josie Rourke), I could not have imagined that so many good things would come from that experience. […]

What I could not know, is that I would meet some of the nicest people in the David Tennant fandom, terrifically lovely women with a rich private life (we are not talking about stalkers, that is maybe superfluous to be stated, but I need to say that). Those days in July, three years ago, we met to share a theatre experience, an event, but mainly to BE together, to have a nice chat and some nice food, to be friends, that’s it.

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Let us sit upon the ground, and tell sad stories of the death of kings

Of confort no man speak – David Tennant, Richard II by Royal Shakespeare Company

David Tennant’s Shakespeare performance to play live in cinemas – The Guardian –


Click on the picture for the article on The Guardian

On December 14th 2013 I will be in London to see the performance live, anyway. Anybody there that same day? 🙂