Feeling like a busy Shakespearean bee lately… A Double Heart for His Single One. A Much Ado About nothing Experience e-book and my review about RSC Richard II available online now

Cover by Valentina MarinacciAfter some months of darkness in both private and public life, here I am again, humbly making my part in spreading Shakespeare’s words and sharing my own peculiar appreciaton for the Bard himself.

On the 2nd of June 2014, thanks to the precious help (and patience) of talented writer and peerless friend Rita Charbonnier and her (or should I say ours) Scrittura a tutto tondo project, I published through Narcissus.me platform my e-book A Double Heart for His Single One.

From the e-book foreword:

This is a story about love (for Shakespeare of course, English Theatre, the UK, and yes, for Doctor Who too).

It is also a diary about a journey to London, and a literature essay (it includes a complete exegesis about Much Ado About Nothing! – for Dummies, maybe, but it actually does). 

But this is mainly a story about friendship.

When, in January 2011, I bought my ticket for that summers production of Much Ado About Nothing (starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate, directed by Josie Rourke), I could not have imagined that so many good things would come from that experience. […]

What I could not know, is that I would meet some of the nicest people in the David Tennant fandom, terrifically lovely women with a rich private life (we are not talking about stalkers, that is maybe superfluous to be stated, but I need to say that). Those days in July, three years ago, we met to share a theatre experience, an event, but mainly to BE together, to have a nice chat and some nice food, to be friends, that’s it.

To purchase the full eBook, feel free to use your favourite bookshop. 

You may also want to try one of the links below:

David Tennant in Richard II - From RSC DVD
David Tennant in Richard II – From RSC DVD

And now, thanks to the collaboration with American website The Shakespeare Standard and to the fine chisel work of my Editor Deborah Voorhees, also my review about RSC Richard II is available online at this link.

From the review:

I have been procrastinating writing this Royal Shakespeare Company’s Richard II review for months. It’s not because I disliked this production: it was pure perfection, from the seamless quality of the cast, to scenography and costumes, to the stellar work of the director Gregory Doran.

I have been probably sensing the intense responsibility that goes with such an important task. Writing personal impressions mingled with an objective report of a performance is hard when we are publically publishing material concerning Shakespeare’s plays, especially when it’s not a comedy but a historical drama written in England during the 16th century, in a period when politic and art were far more tangled than nowadays.

Of course, performing Richard II is more of a commitment than just writing an article about it, especially for actors playing the main roles, who in effect, become a part of history from that moment on, and if we consider we are talking about the Royal Shakespeare Company, the actors become part of theatrical mythology. David Tennant, who plays Richard II, states in the interview included in the DVD that it’s humbling, intimidating and exciting to work with RSC. I share his same feelings as I write a review about this unparalleled theatrical experience and its digital release.

Quite an interesting way to begin this Summer, isnt’it? And more Shakespeare to follow.



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